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Grants & Scholarships

Striving to help eliminate or reduce financial barriers preventing people from accessing mental health care

About the Treatment Grant

  • Individuals can apply to receive funding towards individual (or group) counseling sessions for one to three months.


  • Grants can be applied toward the licensed therapist or provider individuals have selected if they meet the Mind and Wellness Foundation criteria. This also includes digital support options such as Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc.). If the individual does not have a counselor or provider selected, we can help direct them to a variety of resources available in the ‘Resources Hub’.


  • Applications and awards for the Treatment Grant Program are processed on a rolling basis.


“Strength also looks like opening up and asking for help from friends, family spiritual community and mentors when necessary and awakening the hero within when no one sees your beacon or shows up”

Lalah Delia

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Treatment Grants


About the Scholarships

​​The Chris Vaughn Memorial Scholarship aims to honor the memory of Chris Vaughn by offering scholarships to African American and Latino-American students interested in pursuing a career in Human Services or Applied Psychological Science, Mental Health and Wellness, Behavioral Science, or related fields of study.

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