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General Benefits of Good Nutrition and Natural Juices

by Alon Otis

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According to the American Dietetic Association, people tend to either eat too much or too little when depressed or under stress. Eat too much and you find yourself dealing with sluggishness and weight gain. Eat too little and the resulting exhaustion makes this a hard habit to break. In either case, poor diet during periods of stress and depression only makes matters worse. This cycle is a vicious one, but it can be overcome.

To boost your mental health, focus on eating plenty of fruits and vegetables along with foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon. Dark green leafy vegetables in particular are brain protective. Nuts, seeds and legumes, such as beans and lentils, are also excellent brain foods.

Food…Juices for thought!

Cold-pressed juices are a convenient, yet efficient way to consume raw fruits and vegetables. By drinking a cold-pressed juice, you are getting the fruit and vegetable in their most nutritious form–raw and pure. Along with immunity and energy, juicing on a regular basis significantly improves digestive health. The brain receives the majority of its messages from the gut. If your gut is full of bad bacteria, your brain will receive toxic messages that can lead to an unbalanced mind. Juice cleansing every couple months is a great way to balance gut flora, give your digestive system a break while also absorbing a plethora of nutrients, and assisting the body in removing waste.


About Beet Box 

The Beet Box Juicery is a cold-pressed juice company founded in March 2019 after the founder, Alon Otis, noticed health disparities based on race and class that leave millions of African Americans without affordable and nutritious foods in their neighborhoods. Our approach is unique in that it is explicitly catered to a group of people who are usually forgotten. Our juice blends were specifically made for the communities we want to protect. We conducted research to find out which diseases affected African Americans the most, then combined the most powerful natural ingredients to prevent or fight these chronic diseases and build our customers’ immune systems. We hope to eradicate the stigma surrounding plant-based diets and wellness in the black community.

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