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Alexander Q:

Finding Wellness & You!

with Elethia Gay

Each quarter Elethia uses a specific form of movement to remind women of the many fitness formats available to help them live their best lives and find their health. This quarter the focus is walking. Walking has many benefits, including increasing mood, cognition, and memory, strengthening muscles, reducing stress, and preventing high  blood pressure. Along with those and other factors, walking is accessible. You can do it indoors on a treadmill, or outdoors on a safe path. Walking involves technique. Understanding one's gait, the positioning of the core, and the lengthening of the spine not only makes walking more beneficial, it becomes more purposeful. For more information on the health benefits of walking and how you can prepare for your next 5K, join the Slay the 5K movement at

Elethia is the founder of Alexander Q Health and Wellness. A mind, body, and soul program that offers mental fitness and physical wellness programs like life coaching, Vinyasa yoga, trauma-informed yoga, HIIT, strength, functional training, and wellness events to women of color. One feature is their Roots to Wellness program, which begins with establishing a why. Once the "Why" consultation is complete, they design a custom program to help women not only improve their physical health but also learn how to put themselves at the top of their "to-do" list, so they can shift their focus inwardly. Programs run from 4 weeks to six months (virtually or in-person) based on the client’s preferences and location.

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I: alexanderqhealth

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