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"Listen and take care of each other. Really listen and check-in on your 'Strong' people"

Chris Vaughn


Photo by Nick Rufo 

Mission Statement

The Mind and Wellness Foundation (MAWF) is committed to saving the lives of young people, particularly those of color. Through increased awareness, education, research, and access to resources, we seek to eradicate the stigma and change the narrative around mental health, paving a new path that changes the way mental health is recognized, discussed, supported, and cared for in the communities of not only people of color, but all communities.


Our Story

The Mind and Wellness Foundation was founded in 2022 in honor of Christen Vaughn, who lost his life to suicide after struggling with PTSD for several months. While his family was aware of his diagnosis, like many with mental disorders or illness, he was not always comfortable being open about the subject.


In the U.S., there is a suicide attempt every 27.5 seconds ( This statistic coupled with the stigmas surrounding mental illness and treatment, especially those that are heightened in certain communities fuel our passion to act. Due to these reasons and more, many people in desperate need of support and community struggle to get the help that could save their lives. We seek to end the stigma surrounding mental health issues by connecting affected individuals and families with financial and treatment resources needed to help tackle this silent epidemic.


Through the Mind and Wellness Foundation Grant Program, we will offer funding to young men and women in need of mental health care.


Meet The Founders & Team

Supporters & Sponsors

We want to show our appreciation to all our Supporters, Sponsors & Donors who help us reach all who would benefit from the assistance we provide to those in need

Image by Wilhelm Gunkel
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